“Health is not merely avoiding disease, it is abundance of energy, a joyful mind, and a strong and vibrant body so that you can do all that you are passionate about in life!”


Simply put, I want you to live optimally.

You deserve to feel happy, be sexy and
live vibrantly into your 90’s and beyond!

Here you’ll find the answers you have been looking for to balance your hormones, heal your gut, lose that stubborn weight and get energized!

You can prevent and heal disease naturally, and I am here to tell you how!

My Profile

Learn more about me, including my work in Africa, as well as information on Naturopathic Medical Education.

Health Advice

I hope to provide some valuable information on various health topics, from weight loss, cancer and dementia, to insomnia and female hormonal health.


I am able to offer various online programs that you may find beneficial, including a 14 Day Detox, personal DNA analysis and a Ketogenic membership.

Online Store

Supplements are available via my affiliates, plus in depth information via my eBooks. If living in the USA, you can also order numerous lab tests.

Fresh vegetables and smoked fish on wooden board in rustic kitchen. Salmon, lime, onions, olives, tomatoes and olive oil. Focus on foreground.

My partnership with an internationally recognized holistic nutritionist.

A detailed review of your DNA to look for possible causes of genetic conditions, nutrient deficiencies, and poor health.

A customized plan to help give you energy, slash weight and improve digestive health.