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I am a 57 year old white female, overweight with diabetes type two. I went to see Dr. Lewis for weight control and help bringing by blood sugars down. Dr. Lewis first started off by listening to what I had to say and then she asked me questions. Not once did she say anything negative, always positive. We talked about a specific diet and how to get the blood sugars down. She also started me on a schedule of cinnamon and some other supplements three times a day which worked to bring my blood sugars down and also helped me lose weight. We worked on a gentle exercise program of walking and chair exercises. I remember telling Dr. Lewis that I would be lucky to walk two steps out my front door. She smiled and said that it was at least two steps further then yesterday. I am up to walking more than two steps today because of Dr. Lewis. Dr. Lewis is the best support you can have no matter what is going on in your life. I believe in my heart that if you see Dr. Lewis just once you will never see anyone else.

​Martha Ore
Merced, California

I came to Dr. Nina Lewis with chronic stomach challenges due to stomach ulcers. I arrived as a skeptic who had seen about six doctors both natural and conventional in order to try to find a cure for my digestive problems. Dr. Nina Lewis was the first doctor to get me off anti-acid medications. I had been continually on anti-acids for over ten years! My husband and I wanted to have children and I wanted to be healthy before we started trying! We now have a beautiful four month old baby boy!”

​Rylee Applbee
Denver, Colorado

My experience with Dr. Lewis over the past year has been amazing. Her wealth of knowledge in naturopathic medicine is only complimented and enhanced by her training in traditional medicine. I originally started seeing her to deal with digestive issues that she was able to cure quickly without a variety of expensive tests and supplements. Eventually my reasons for seeing Dr. Lewis changed as my husband and I were trying to start a family and my progesterone was low. Dr. Lewis provided me with a holistic treatment and within six months my husband and I were able to conceive.  She is also providing support to me during my pregnancy, addressing all my needs and requests. I find Dr. Lewis more responsive and helpful than any family doctor I have ever dealt with. I strongly recommend Dr. Lewis to anyone – her practical and logical approach to treating patients makes working with her very easy and enjoyable, and is great for those that are new to naturopathic medicine.”

Shannon R.
Calgary, AB

After suffering from a ruptured appendix and the after math of a misdiagnosis, I needed someone who could get me back on track. I have seen multiple specialists, naturopaths, and doctors, but Dr. Nina was the first one to listen to my story and not just look at my medical file. Taking the natural route of healing usually takes much longer than a medicinal route, however I am sensitive to medications so Dr. Nina found supplements that directly targeted my damaged small intestines. Being someone who is impatient it was amazing to have Dr. Nina’s positive attitude toward my healing process and seeing the positive results together. I have not felt this strong and healthy since prior my ruptured appendix in 2008. We are still working together to heal my small intestines but it is amazing how far I have come in 6 months. I definitely recommend Dr. Nina to anyone, she took a personal interest in my case which made me feel connected to a doctor for the first time.”

Melanie V.
Calgary, AB.

I feel truly blessed to have met Dr. Nina Lewis. Unlike so many other doctors who had failed me, Dr. Lewis was able to diagnose my ailment with ease. Technically, she is exceptional, but it is her humanity that has inspired me the most. She is a deeply compassionate and warm soul, and I feel that I am able to move forward and meet my health issues head-on with confidence and hope knowing she is right there with me.”

Calgary, AB

Working with Dr. Nina is the best thing I could have done for my health. When I first met her I was a fussy eater, with a poor diet and multiple excuses about my eating and exercise habits. Dr. Nina has helped me to transform, not only physically, but also my thinking. She helped me to identify which foods were making me feel unwell, and then worked with me on a customized, step by step plan to include healthier options and develop new eating and exercise habits. Rather than telling me to give up all the foods I used to love, Dr. Nina worked at my pace, gradually encouraging me to introduce new foods, and change my routine.
Dr. Nina excels at motivating, guiding, educating and encouraging, and with these skills no goal seems unreachable. With her help and always positive attitude, I find myself believing and achieving things I never thought possible. I am the healthiest I have ever been – I am eating better, have increased energy levels, improved sleep, less colds, less pain, improved confidence and have lost a significant amount of weight during the process. In the search for optimal health and wellness, there is no better support than Dr. Nina.”

Marisa C.
Calgary, AB.