Cancer Man


  • Approximately 40% of Americans and 50% of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime.
  • Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada, responsible for 30% of all deaths (2012 data). 
  • Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA, responsible for approximately 20% of all deaths (2015 data).
  • The most common cancers are lung, breast, colorectal and prostate.
  • 1 out of 4 Canadians and 1 out of 5 Americans is expected to die from cancer.
  • In Canada between 1992 and 2008, 5 year survival rates increased by 7%.
  • Between 2004 and 2013 the incidence of cancer in women was unchanged but in men it reduced by 1.5% annually.
  • Between 1991 and 2014 the overall death rate from cancer decreased by 25% but there is some opposition to this data, Dr. John Bailer (20 year staff member of the U.S. National Cancer  Society) claims that “The 5 year survival statistics of the American Cancer Society are very misleading.  They now count things that are not cancer, and, because we are able to diagnose at an earlier stage of the disease, patients falsely appear to be living longer.”
  •  Mammogram: some controversy over its efficacy but a recommended tool for women over 50 to help detect early tumors (can detect a mass as small as 5mm)
  • Hundreds of studies have confirmed that it is safe and beneficial to use both natural treatment and conventional treatment for cancer.  Even some hospitals like Cancer Treatment of America are offering integrated cancer treatment.
  • Appropriate diet is essential for prevention of cancer and as part of a treatment for cancer.  Lots of evidence supports specific dietary changes for people with cancer especially related to reducing sugar consumption.
  • Data: American Cancer Society, Canadian Cancer Society and the CDC

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