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Dr. Lewis is a U.S trained ND and has worked in both conventional settings and alternative medical clinics. She has a passion for Cancer treatment, pain management and Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and botanical medicine. Specifically, she has had great success helping: reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation while helping increase the efficacy of treatment, balance hormones for female problems, reduce menopausal symptoms, and help correct infertility issues, managing all gastro-intestinal complaints (GERD (reflux), IBS, Crohn’s, U.C., and others), assist with effective weight loss, manage migraines, decrease joint pains using prolotherapy and acupuncture and much more.

Naturopathic doctors are family care doctors with the ability to utilize both conventional (drugs and surgery) methods of treatment as well as alternative medical treatments. Naturopathic Doctors (ND’s) attend four years of undergraduate training in pre-medical studies followed by four years of medical school. They are also required to pass national board exams before they are granted a license to practice medicine. Naturopathic training consists of both conventional and alternative therapies and emphasizes whole-patient wellness. While ND’s are trained and licensed to utilize pharmaceuticals and minor surgical techniques, they prefer to use less invasive and non-toxic approaches when possible. ND’s use cutting edge natural therapies such as; botanical medicine, IV medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, supplementation, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and joint adjustments (similar to chiropractic care) to help restore health. These therapies not only help alleviate symptoms, but focus on addressing the root cause of the patients concerns to prevent re-occurrence in the future. Naturopathic medicine treats all aspects of family care from pediatric to geriatric and is especially proficient at treating chronic ailments.